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I'm having problems setting up VPN PPTP on Fedora 19. When I try to add new VPN I have only possibility to add openconnect or L2TP protocols.

After some googling I found out that you have to install NetworkManager-pptp plugin to enable pptp. So I did sudo yum install NetworkManager-pptp and I got back

Package 1:NetworkManager-pptp- already installed and latest version.

Does anyone have an idea how can I enable PPTP VPN on Fedora 19?

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Just install all required packages. This has changed since Kernel 3.10.3-300. The packages are not installed by default anymore.

Fedora 19 Package Manager - Additional PPTP packages

After the installation, you'll see the PPTP network option:

Gnome 3 Network Manager under Fedora 19

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