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Is it possible to customise Notepad++ to perform begin and end matching when displaying the programming language Verilog?

I would like it to highlight the corresponding begin / end when my text cursor is over either of the two - identical to what happens when my text cursor is over an open or closed bracket, like the image here explains.

Is there a general solution for altering syntax highlighting, specifically highlighting pairs of words/punctuation marks not specific to Verilog?

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Would you mind providing a little more information? Specifically, is Verilog a programming language? Are you literally matching nested pairs of the words "begin" and "end"? Have you looked at any existing customizations, such as the plug-ins here:… – Dane Aug 1 '13 at 18:57
@Dane I've added more information to the question now. Thanks for the link, I think what I'm looking for is a "lexer", I think I can design one in C# using this plugin: – MikeGold Aug 2 '13 at 9:08
I've done some looking and can't figure it out. Notepad++ already knows that begin and end go together (it will collapse a block based on them) when you choose the Verilog language. The bracket highlighting may be hard-coded and not configurable . . . but it seems like it should be configurable. – Dane Aug 2 '13 at 19:52

SynWrite editor has fully customizable lexers (also for Verilog - verilog lexer isn't included by default, needs to be unpacked from MoreLexers.rar and be installed). SynWrite allows to hilite both begin / end words, when caret is over this begin-end block. (This can be configured for a lexer).

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From what I've researched so far, there's no quick and easy way to do this unfortunately.

The only route I can see is to write a lexer in C# using NppSharp.

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