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I have two internal hard drives in my computer. A 120 GB Samsung 840 SSD and a Western Digital Blue 1 TB hard drive. I have a few games installed on the SSD and I was curious if moving the games onto the other hard drive is as simple as cut and paste

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No. This will only work for e very few programs (nowadays called 'portable programs'). Your simple copy misses registry settings, DLLs in Windows directories etc.

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Yes, but I guess what I am asking is will I still be able to run the program this way. If I am able to run the program this way, I wouldn't be overly concerned with having some of the files still on the SSD, as long as the bulk of the program is on the other HDD. – Watson21995 Aug 2 '13 at 6:29
Ah, I overlooked that your both drives remain attached. The answer is still 'generally no'. Pointers to C:\Program Files\etcetera will now point to the wrong place. You could try for each individual program: 1) copy the dir, (2) rename the original dir, (3) if it keeps working remove the original dir. Simply reinstalling may be faster though. – Jan Doggen Aug 2 '13 at 6:30
Interesting. How is it that when I just went and cut and pasted the game folders into a new Program Files (x86) folder on the 1 TB drive anyway, they are still working then? o.O Are these couple games simply the exception to this? – Watson21995 Aug 2 '13 at 6:33
Probably - and I need to add more dummy text to allow this comment ;-) – Jan Doggen Aug 2 '13 at 6:41

As already written, then programs leaves alot of registry entries (pointers and settings) and maybe dlls which could be important for the functionality of the program.
Also I would not recommend installing applications other places than on your C-drive. The Program Files folder is made for this purpose in Windows.
If one program need to use a commonly used program like, lets said Adobe Reader, then it might use Enviroment variables like %ProgramFiles% to access it, and this won't work if you install it elsewhere.

With games it is another story, atleast by my experience. I have several games installed on my computer and i've reinstalled Windows several times without big problems trying to run them again.
You might have to reinstall DirectX to have the nessesary dlls to run the games, but you'll usually be prompted when starting the games, which dll is missing.

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