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I have a completely unreliable router from my ISP. Its DHCP server stops working, drops wifi connections and completely screws up from time to time. However, it's a custom device that I can not get rid of and I have to keep it as the wan provider to our network.

Therefore, I connected another router (Linksys EA4500) to this abomination and mounted it on a central wall (also had wifi reception issues, fixed this way). It's configured with a static wan IP and everything within it's subnet (paradise) works just fine.

Now, I need to connect a NAS to this network. I cannot mount that on the wall, I do not want to wire another cable from the mounted router to nas (it's getting ugly). I can however, connect it to the ISP router (can have a switch there), but now it's gonna be sitting on the wrong subnet. If I could rely on the ISP routers DHCP server and stuff, I could connect the Linksys router via one of its LAN ports to the ISP router and use the Linksys as an access point. That's the exact thing I was trying to avoid.

Is there a way to connect the NAS to somewhere at my Linksys routers WAN side but still keep it on it's subnet?

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