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I am a Lubuntu user and find Flash to be extremely laggy on it. I signed up for the YouTube HTML5 beta and, after a while was able to watch videos using the HTML5 player. However, recently videos started playing using Flash again. How can I force YouTube to show me videos using the HTML5 player?

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instead of using flash or some flash plugin, install chrome, it has flash built in and it's good – Lynob Aug 6 '13 at 12:00

Not all video on Youtube are available with the HTML5 player : see youtube info.

Additional Restrictions (we are working on these!)

  • Some videos with ads are not yet supported (they will play in the Flash player)
  • On Firefox and Opera, only videos with WebM transcodes will play in HTML5
  • If you've opted in to other testtube experiments, you may not get the HTML5 player (Feather is supported, though)

Depending on your browser and its capacity to open WebM or h.264 videos, not the same videos are available in HTML5 mode.

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Actually, it's a bit stranger than that. You see, videos that played in HTML5 mode before no longer do, even though I am using the same browser. – dillmo Aug 2 '13 at 17:15
@dillmo Given the workaround you found, I think it must be linked to the part about advertising. – Levans Aug 2 '13 at 17:29
Maybe. I am using an ad blocker, so it is possible the ad never fully registers that it is no longer running. – dillmo Aug 3 '13 at 13:30

I was going from video to video trying to find out what is wrong and finally solved the problem. I noticed that only embedded videos play in HTML5 mode. As a result, you cannot just watch them on YouTube. My workaround was to create a blank HTML document and copy the embed code for the video into there, then watch it. If you have a better solution, please tell me.

I hope this solves the issue for anyone who has this same issue. You will need to know how to code HTML to do this.

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