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So, what happens is, often when I press a button, it'll repeat the keystroke several times, or a mouse click. And it happens too fast for it to be the windows repeat option, as there's no delay and the fact that the mouse is affected too rules it out.

I've cleaned both thoroughly, I've looked through every setting I can possibly think of.

For reference, the keyboard is a Gigabyte Aivia Osmium and the mouse a Razer Imperator 2012. Both are wired.

I'm running win7, and I suspect it might be a tweak or something gone wrong, but despite my search, I have found no help or solutions, so I turn to you guys.

Does anyone have a suggestion to why this is happening? Have I messed with the wrong registry entry?

Fingers crossed that there's a solution, because this is driving me insane. Typing this post took forever, because I have to correct every other word.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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