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I've recently upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 8 and I have a USB hard drive that everything is backed up on. When I had Windows 7 I set up BitLocker for my USB hard drive and now I want to turn it off.

I can read and write to it using the password I set up for it but because I haven't got the professional edition of Windows 8 I can't turn it off. I have installed Ubuntu alongside Windows and want to use the hard drive as a backup for that as well as Windows but don't want to lose the data.

I can see two options, pay £100 to upgrade just to get BitLocker on Windows 8 or wipe the drive and start again. I don't want to do either of these so is there a third option for me?

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Download and install the Windows 8 Enterprise trial in a VHD and decrypt the HDD here. After you did this, remove the Boot entry from BCD and delete the VHD.

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