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I have a local DNS server that I want to use, but it's behind a NAT router. For all other servers that are behind that router, I simply have an appropriate forwarding rule enabled in the router. From what I've read regarding DNS, however, it seems that there is no particular port that I can forward to make this work (and I'd rather not just forward all ports >49152). Is it possible to use a DNS server from behind a NAT router?

If it matters, I'm running the bundled DNS role in Windows Server 2008 Standard.

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DNS operates on port 53. – Darth Android Aug 4 '13 at 0:21

In general, DNS queries are sent from a high-numbered source port (above 1023) to destination port 53, and responses are sent from source port 53 to a high-numbered destination port.

Open UDP port 53 to and from the server in your NAT configuration.

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you may also have to allow 53/udp in both directions in your firewall. Note that DNS Forwarding uses 53/UDP -> 53/UDP, so if you are forwarding, or using an old dns server, don't specify a source/dest prt > 1023 in your firewall. – Frank Thomas Aug 4 '13 at 2:38

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