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I have a Brother DCP-J515N printer-scanner combo, and right in the middle of a photo paper printing session (I'm printing A4 sized CD cases and label stickers), after printing half of the copies it was supposed to be printing, it suddenly stopped feeding on paper.

The printer tries to feed, and moves the rubber wheel that moves the paper from the tray into the printer, but it simply fails to move the paper inside. The printer then goes "out of paper".

When I pull the printer tray, the paper seems to have moved inside about 3 cm, but comes out along with the rest of the tray.

I thought the feeding mechanism may be broken, but then I tried printing on regular paper, and it works just fine.

I've changed the paper with a clean sheet, but same thing. I have printed more than 300 copies in this exact paper with the exact same settings (Photoshop saves the settings for me)

I've also tried putting more paper beneath my photo sheets, but same thing.

I suppose an inner rubber wheel may be dirty and is not sticky enough to pull the paper, but if so, then it should also be having trouble with the regular paper, which to my touch is much smoother than the back of the photo paper.

What could cause a printer to mechanically stop feeding on paper?

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If it is not a paper jam, a tiny piece of paper stuff on either of the 2 sides, it can lift the mechanism. It could be the rollers are not as stickey because they have paper dust in them. Cheaper paper for the cheap prints lets off a lot of paper dust, also a ream could have a dust pocket or a loose piece that gets drawn in. There is a "nothing to lose" way to recondition rollers, use ammonia with a microfiber rag, it will make the rollers stickey again for a while at least. –  Psycogeek Aug 4 '13 at 13:58
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