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I have a problem with typing in Georgian language. Our letters are not Latin and looks like "ა,ბ,გ,დ,ე,ღ" etc. when I type in Warcraft or Quiz Builder i get question marks instead of the text i want. What is wrong?

enter image description here

EDIT Georgian letters work properly on other applications.

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I suspect the keyboard is just fine. It's the displaying that's mucked up. – Daniel R Hicks Aug 4 '13 at 12:32
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If Georgian letters work correctly in other applications, it would mean that this is not a keyboard issue but a software issue. For example, Warcraft and Quiz Builder may not support Georgian.

Maybe your encoding is set wrongly? You probably should be using Unicode; check if these applications support Unicode and how to tell them to use it.

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It's possible that these programs don't support Georgian because they were written using the "ANSI" APIs rather than Unicode ones; this is particularly common for Win9x-era programs where the Unicode mode didn't even exist. – grawity Aug 4 '13 at 14:03

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