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I have a new Windows 8 home machine on a wireless (D-Link) network. The network also connects to a Windows 7 machine, a Windows 7 Netbook and a new Buffalo Linkstation LS-421DE NAS device. The Buffalo is ethernet cable connected to the router. The two Windows 7 machines can see and map to the Buffalo NAS folders. The Windows 8 machine cannot see or map the folders.

The Windows 8 machine can access the NAS by entering the IP address into Internet explorer. This brings up the Buffalo software and I am able to see the folders and create new ones, so the wireless connection appears to be ok. If I click on "My Computer" and "Map Network Drive" the Linkstation does not appear. I have tried mapping to \\LS421DE9AF\Share but that does not work either.

Phone support at Buffalo has escalated the problem and I am awaiting their call back. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks

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Open up the run box and enter enter the ip address of the NAS there. This ought to open up a window with all the shares on the Buffalo. – Scandalist Aug 4 '13 at 22:59
Can you ping Whati is the IP of the new W8 machine? Also there should be 2 slashes in front of \\\LS421DE9AF\Share – jet Aug 4 '13 at 23:38

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