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I want to mount a hostname specific nfs Filesystem in /etc/fstab.<hostname> /nfs_for_host

if there any Variable to do this ?

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I don't think you can do it in fstab, but you can use NIS and automount to accomplish the same thing.

See this:

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Try to add the following to your /etc/fstab :<hostname>  /nfs_for_host nfs _netdev,defaults,user,auto,noatime,intr   0 0

Explanation of the options (from man 8 mount and man 5 nfs):

  • _netdev: The filesystem resides on a device that requires network access.
  • defaults: Use default options: rw, suid, dev, exec, auto, nouser, async, and relatime.
  • user: Allow an ordinary user to mount the filesystem .
  • auto: Can be mounted with the -a option.
  • noatime: Access timestamps are not updated when a file is read.
  • intr: Allow signals to interrupt file operations on this mount point.
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