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I need to check the application compatibility in all device & debuging application on Bluestack App Player, can anyone please tell me how to resize the screen of Bluestack on Mac OS X? I googled it and found that in Windows the screen size can be changed via register as shown below :

Go to regedit: 
"Width"=dword:00000320 - change value 
"Height"=dword:00000258 - change value

But I'm new to Mac OS X where do I find the regedit?

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If you can't just drag the window edge or corner to resize it, try this:

First, quit the program (Bluestacks > Quit in the menu bar or press Q).

If Bluestacks App Player is like a typical OS X application, you can find the preferences file (Mac OS X does not have a central configuration facility like the Windows Registry) in ~/Library/Preferences/. There you should look for a file like com.bluestacks.appplayer.plist or something similar.

You can open the plist file in a text editor or Xcode. Then look for a key corresponding to window size (it will probably start with NS) and then adjust the size as needed.

Based on the comment below, the property is found at guests > android > height.

Note that for more recent versions of OS X (since at least 10.9) you need to use the defaults utility in terminal to make the change.

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thanks a lot but there is small change in ur answer that is in com.bluestacks.appplayer.plist in guests->android->height and width can be adjusted – MyMasterPeice Aug 5 '13 at 12:51
@Stacks28 Gotcha. So this would be a custom property then. System properties stored in plist files often start with NS. – CyberSkull Aug 5 '13 at 12:54
i hv one more issue ca i restart bluestack when i change the size, i tired closing bluestack process from Aactive monitor but didnt helped – MyMasterPeice Aug 6 '13 at 5:23
@Stacks28 Oh, sorry. You should quit Bluestacks first (open the Bluestacks menu and choose Quit at the bottom or press ⌘Q) before applying the changes to the preference file. – CyberSkull Aug 7 '13 at 0:09
When i changed the size and re-open the app player it did resize the window but "android" didn't resize. I'd fixed that by setting the "RestartGuestOnFrontendLaunch" to 1. Can be found under guests > android > config. What it does is restarting "android" when closed out the app player/opening bluestack. You can change it back when everything is resized. – Yoram de Langen Sep 18 '13 at 7:04

I downloaded a software called ResizeEnable (freeware) that can resize all windows, now it's working fine.

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In ~/Library/Preferences, you'll find a file named com.BlueStacks.AppPlayer.plist. If you open this file with Xcode, you'll find the screen size settings by drilling down into: Guests->Android->FrameBuffer. You'll find the width & height settings under the FrameBuffer dictionary.

Note: Install your Android applications before you change the screen size. You may find the (web) view BlueStacks uses to access the Google Play store doesn't use your updated screen size.

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