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I've copied my virtual machines folder completely to a new computers same folder place. Installed VirtualBox, but I can't see any Machine registered in VirtualBox explorer, and bad as it is, I've forgot to merge my snapshot (for one virtual machine) before file transfer.

All files under the "VirutalBox VM's" are untouched (last save state) and contains all the *.sav and *.vdi files needed, at least I do expect so.

What's best the practice to merge a specific snapshot *.sav with a *.vdi file?

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Merging a .sav with a .vdi is not a good pratice, you should export first your VM(s) as .ova then transfert between computers cause no more problems than network cards and shared folders.

Anyway for the VM you are trying to restore, try :

  • find the file VirtualBox.xml
  • find the node <MachineRegistry>
  • copy a <MachineEntry/> line

then edit this line :

  • the "uuid" can be find in VM folder, file vmName.vbox. ( on top, node <Machine> ) ( example : uuid="{c95c504b-24fd-4b9e-867d-554be9fb9c16}" )
  • the "src" is the absolute path to your vmName.vbox file.

example of <machineEntry> in VirtualBox.xml :

<MachineEntry uuid="{b38a33a0-9aa9-408b-89b0-df8a121357b5}" src="C:\Users\tim\VirtualBox VMs\debian\debian.vbox"/>
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