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I have developed a chart from a set of values of excel file, Now what I have to do that I have to expand the y axis values from point 5 to point 8, Can anyone please suggest me that how to do that.

I have chart of following type.

enter image description here

Reason behind doing so is that, the values between 5 to 8 are not clearly distinguishable. Thanks in advance.

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Doing what you're asking is a bad idea for column/bar charts. These chart types should always begin with 0, because you're comparing the total length of the value, not the relative difference between end points of the line. Read more about it at Jon Peltier's excellent blog:…. You could consider alternative graphic presentations like small-multiples/lattice charts, or normalizing the values to allow for more discrete comparisons. – dav Aug 6 '13 at 16:51

Make changes to the scales of value axes

  1. On a chart sheet or in an embedded chart, click the value (y) axis that you want to change.

  2. On the Format menu, click Selected Axis.

  3. On the Scale tab, change the number at which the value (y) axis starts and ends, type a different number in the Minimum box.


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While the answer is technically correct, remember just because you can change the minimum axis, doesn't mean you should change it. – dav Aug 6 '13 at 16:53

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