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When I go to the ripping options in Windows Media Player 12 to change the location where CD's should be ripped to, the location is blank. If I click on the Change location button nothing happens, I don't get a window open to let me browse to a new location.

There was previously a friends portable disk attached to the machine so he could rip his CD's but that's been removed and that ripping location no longer exists. I also no longer have access to his portable drive any more.

Thinking that this might be stored in the registry, I had a look through the media player registry key at:


but nothing jumps out as being the possible location where this setting is stored.

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Have you tried plugging a removable drive back in and changing the library location then? Any drive would do as it should reuse the same drive letter.

The only other thing I can think of is to type in the location rather than trying to browse.

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