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I'm really going nuts trying to figure out why I can't install VMWare Player on my PC. I'm running Win8 x64

At first I ran the installer which completes with errors. The error is this: enter image description here

I bypassed this by copying the temporary folder created during the installation on my desktop and running the vmwareplayer_x64.msi manually. Everything seems to go ok when suddenly I get an "failed to install the hcmon driver" error.

I've tried following these instructions Installing VMware Player via MSI failed (which are on the vmware support site as well) but I can't even find the "non-plug and play drivers" section and on the internet I can't find how to fix this.

I've also tried running the installation as administrator but with no success.

Any suggestion? Thank you in advance!

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Fixed it!

Unbeliveably it was Avast. I had to uninstall it, restart my PC and retry installing VMWare and it succeded... It seems Avast was blocking something... no words.

Thank you anyway

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With VMPlayer 6 the problem has been fixed! – Andrea Silvestri Mar 28 '14 at 13:45

Try running the setup as Administrator. (Right click on it --> Run As Administrator)
Or log on to the Administrator account of your PC and give it a try.

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Sorry, didn't mention it in the question, but I've already tried it with no success. – Andrea Silvestri Aug 5 '13 at 15:23

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