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I don't want to maintain a server, or keep my computer running 24/7. I just want to to have control over my files, and be able to sync between all my devices when I am home.

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You can use a NAS as a server. The ones from Synology, even this old one, are able to run ownCloud. Synology 109j NAS

Here is how to install ownCloud on a Synology DiskStation. I have done that, and although this old NAS is a bit slow, it works.

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However, the server will need to be running for you to access/sync your files - so you will need it running any time you want to look through/sync/etc. Ideally, you could get a low powered server (an old laptop, a raspberry pi, etc.) that is cheap to power and you can simply leave it running all the time.

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Would you possibly now of any tutorials of how to set one up on a mac running snow Leopard? – Hebon Aug 5 '13 at 23:13
@Hebon - this is pretty straight forward I think. Not ideal since you need MAMP as well, but it'll work. – nerdwaller Aug 6 '13 at 0:21

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