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I have a fileserver with all my worldly digital possessions on it. (Don't worry, it's backed up.)

I want to selectively be able to carry small portions of the contents of my fileserver with me on my laptop, and then sync the changes back again later. However I occasionally may edit files directly on the fileserver at the same time.

Currently I do this using unison, I add the folder I want as a "path" to my unison config and sync, and then sync again when I'm done. It works quite well, although theoretically there is the possibility of conflicts, I seem to avoid them.

However I was wondering if git might be better suited to the task - I don't have much experience with git though I understand this isn't really what it is designed for - or is it? I'm not sure.

Or maybe there is some other tool I should be considering?

Please, only suggestions that work on both OS X and Linux. (I don't use Windows.)

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