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I just got a new monitor (kept the old one as extended desktop).

Whenever I switch to (or from) fullscreen mode on a youtube video on the new monitor (which is the main one), it turns off for 2-3 seconds, even the backlight. Kinda like when you change resolution. If I move the same window to the other monitor and try there, I don't have this problem. It's not specific to Youtube, I have the same problem on Dailymotion for example, but not Twitch for some reason.

If I turn off Hardware Acceleration in flash settings the problem goes away but I'm not sure that's a good idea (any downside to having it off?)...

Using Windows 7 professional 64bits, Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m and Flash version 11,8,800,94. Tried with IE9 and the problem is there too. The monitor with the problem is an Asus VG23AH.

Edit: The screen also turns off for a second if I try to skip forward to a unbuffered part of the video while in fullscreen...

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In the Nvidia Control Panel, "Adjust desktop color settings" tab, there's a "Content type reported to the display" option.

It was on autoselect, and if I leave it like that it switch from (not sure I have the right translation from there, I have it in french) "Desktop programs" to "Fullscreen videos" when I switch to fullscreen on youtube, which make the screen turn off for a second. Setting it manually fix the problem.

Only thing I don't know is which option to choose. I set it to Fullscreen videos for now. Anyone have a recommandation?

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