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Are there any disadvantages of using external USB Video adapters (like this one ) as opposed to getting another Graphics Card in SLI/Crossfire or just a new graphics card supporting more monitors?

The current graphics card that I have in my computer seems to only support running 2 monitors at a time, despite having enough ports to run a lot more.

Can external adapters as I mentioned earlier can cause system instabilities?
What can they handle in terms of graphics?

I Do a lot of video production work and graphic design work, so the monitor/monitors used on the adapter I would have implemented would likely be used as a preview monitor in premier, or something like that. Do you think I'll run into problems?

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External graphics cards work just like internal graphics cards, except they are far less powerful.

The graphics cards like the one you showed, offload a lot of their rendering to the cpu. The performance will be extremely slow. (Playing solitaire might be pushing it).

That said, they work great for just connecting a second monitor to show spread sheets and the like.

You might be able to get away with playing a movie on the second display.

If you have a spare PCI express slot, definitely buy a new video card. If you don't, your best bet will be to buy it, and return the external video card if it doesn't meet your standards.

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