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I want to separate my shared files from my tenants and limit their internet bandwidth.

My main router (Linksys EA3500) has internet access, and I am trying to wirelessly bridge it to my secondary router (TP-Link WR720N)

On the Secondary Router,

Step 1: in the Wireless setting > Enable WDS > Survey and found my Main router and entered the Password and Channel.

Step 2: WAN > Static IP > IP: Subnet: (same as main router) Default Gateway: DNS:

Step 3: Turn on SSID different from main router. e.g. Main router SSID 123, Secondary router SSID ABC

Problem (P): P. When connecting wireless or by cable to the second router there is no internet access.

P. I cant ping the secondary router when on the main network

Question (Q); Q. The reason I have them in different Subnet is to hide my share files. Is there other option?

Q.Did I screw up my Subnet? Should the main subnet be

Q. Both router has DHCP turned on which is what I want as it assigns IP that is 192.168.0.XX to all my devices and 192.168.1.XX to all my tenants devices. But I think the conflict is the DHCP. When I turn of the DHCP on the Secondary router, the internet works when connected to, but all the IP is 192.168.0.XX which make sense cause its the main router that acts as the DHCP ... I guess. I can no longer login to the secondary router and it seems to act more as a repeater

Conclusion at the end of the day I just need to setup a secondary router that is not physically connected by cable to my main router and share controlled bandwidth internet through my existing provider with my tenants and not my files.

Can someone help please...

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