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As you may know, SourceForge offers a shell service. According to their Shell Access info page the command to get a shell is this:

ssh -t USER, create

This queues up a shell on their end and eventually drops you into one. I'd like to somehow add this to my ~/.ssh/config. I'm at a loss for what the -t switch is called in config and also how to pass the create argument.

Does anyone know how such an entry might look?

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From the research I have done before (and refreshed just now), I don't believe that that option exists [there are many cases of complaints on the topic, however]. (The man page seems to confirm this).

That being said, rather than just tell you "no", one possible work around would be to make an alias in your profile (in many cases, located in ~/.bash_profile, but is different on some systems).

alias sshSF="ssh -t USER,"

Then since it is an alias, you could call sshSF create and "create" would be an argument. If you have a key, you can of course specify that with -i as well.

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I was afraid of that. – Adam Aug 7 '13 at 20:05

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