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Basically, what I want to do is to enable Firefox Click-To-Play for specific plugins (like Java since its not that secure) while allowing it for plugins like Flash. While there are many instructions on enabling/disabling CTP for specific sites, there is nothing listed for specific plugins.

Is what I am saying even possible? Is there a hack or something that does what I want?

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For starters, you should uninstall the Java Webstart plugin.

Secondly, it's not click-to-play but QuickJava extension lets you toggle plugins quite easily.

There is another extension that is click-to-play that lets you choose which plugins to control but it's buggy.

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How to get click to play working in Firefox 23 or newer explains it very nicely.


  • Type about:config in Firefox's address bar and confirm that you will be careful when the message comes up (on first visit only).
  • Search for plugins.click_to_play and set it to true by double-clicking its preference name.

Then, open your plugins page (Tools > Add-ons > Plugins). In there, make appropriate choices for each plugin.

The choices are:

  • Never Activate means it is disabled and won't be activated unless you modify the state in the plugins manager.
  • Always Activate means that the plugin will always be loaded automatically.
  • Ask to Activate means that Click to Play will be used.

But do read the linked article for full details.

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