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I've attached a DVD drive via usb. It has two cables, one only for power, one data.

It works on one Windows 7 machine, it works on Linux, but it won't run on my Windows 7. It even runs on Linux on Virtual Box on the same machine, which tells me that it's no hardware problem.

From Windows 7 level the disk is reported, I can browse it via command line, but the Explorer gives up on every attempt to access a file ("file://some/path not found").

I believe it may be a driver conflict problem. How could I identify it?

The most peculiar thing is that it works on Linux guest via Virtual Box. I've selected to use "Host Drive F:" - it suggests it somehow uses Windows drivers to access the optical drive.

So maybe these are just some settings?

I'm working on Lenovo T520, with full Lenovo driver suite.

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