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I downloaded the Microsoft-supplied Virtual PC image for Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6 testing from http://modern.ie and tried to login using the documented credentials of IEUser / Passw0rd! (referenced in the MS supplied release notes)

This does not work. What are the correct default login credentials?

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The credentials listed in the MS release notes will not work.

Instead, use Administrator / Passw0rd! to login (notice Passw0rd! is the default password, as specified in the VMs' wallpapers).

It may warn you that IEUser is already logged in if this is the first time runnning the image.

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Another option is to click on "Disable Integration Features" in Virtual PC -> Tools menu. This should allow you to log on on the machine without typing the password (since no password is set for IEUser)

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The password on my copy of Windows XP VM was Password1

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