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I have Feedly app installed in my Google Chrome browser, and it worked without a hitch until recently. All of a sudden it stopped to download any feed item and shows just a blank page instead.


  • Disable other extensions
  • Reinstall the app

What can it be? Thanks.

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I've had the same problem.


Chrome>setting>extensions>Feedly - News, Blogs and Youtube


Load feedly over HTTPS>no>yes


solved the problem for me.

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Thanks for trying to help, but it is not my case :( – Vitaly Pumpkin Aug 10 '13 at 9:48
Thank you jonsca! Possibly Google Chrome browser not stable beta? α? – Japanese Boy Aug 10 '13 at 10:19

Thanks again! Nope, my Google is on stable channel. I have solved the issue by a strange trick. Trying to find out what was the reason of the issue I have bumped into the thread. Tried all suggestions from there - nope :(( Nobody could help, so I have continued by myself. I found out Feedly does not show up in any of browsers (FF, Opera), so I have tried it on safari Iphone/other PC - and yep it works. So I have just tried it on my windows guest account on Chrome - yep works. The bottom line - I do not know what was the reason but as a workaround - just set up a new Windows account and that is just it. With the trick I solved the toughest ticket I had for months from Google. I hope it helps some folks.

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