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I have an Apple Imac. I'm relatively new to Mac. I've used Windows for more years than I can remember. I'm ready to retire. I wanted a Mac for the graphics and photos I design with.

I have a black screen with the spinning wheel of death. It has been a black screen with the spinning wheel of death for days now. I can do nothing. I have tried all the key click combinations I have read about on this page and elsewhere and have not found an answer.

I get no response from anything I type. The screen stays black and the color wheel keeps spinning. Sometimes I can move it with the mouse, sometimes I can't. There is no disk. The computer is the Monitor.

Any help ?

Thanks for any new info - SERIOUSLY ! :-)

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Have you tried rebooting (e.g., by holding down the power button)? –  ForeverWintr Aug 9 '13 at 1:22

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