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We use a common file share apart from individual department based shares in our org.

Here's my scenario - I have individual Security Groups for each Department to which staff from the respective department are added.
Example groups: Dept A, Dept B, where Staff 1 belongs to Dept A and Staff 2 belongs to Dept B.

I also have a super group named Employees - the members being the Security Groups for each department and not individual staff members.
Members of Employees are Dept A & Dept B.

If I give read/write permission to the common share to the Employees super group, my assumption was that based on sub-group memberships, the permission will cascade down to individual staff members, i.e. Staff 1, Staff 2 etc. But that is not happening.

Only if I add each departmental group with R/W permissions to this share (Dept A, Dept B), is it working.

But this creates a lot of management overhead. Is there a way to add only the supergroup and be done with it? Am I missing something in permission inheritance here?

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