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Typing export $PATH in Mountain Lion's Terminal returns


However, my /etc/paths file shows:


Is this a problem?

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/usr/local/bin found twice?? – Weishi Zeng May 26 at 22:55
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It's perfectly OK.

As you log in, your PATH is constructed from several different sources. Some are system wide, others are user specific: the .profile file in your home folder, for example, is a common way for adding paths to your PATH for your account only.

You can see that the paths from /etc/paths are still there, in the middle of your PATH but some stuff has been added. /usr/local/MacGPG2/bin for example has been added by macGPG2 when you installed it.

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what's the order of loading those PATH? – Weishi Zeng May 26 at 22:55

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