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Is there a way to import color schemes into ConEmu from other formats? E.g. there are many color schemes for iTerm 2 -- currently, if I wanted to use the colors from one of them, I'd have to manually enter the color values. Is there a simple way to convert an iTerm scheme to a ConEmu one? Or is there a similar place where I can look for ConEmu themes beyond the default ones?

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Currently, ConEmu can't import color schemes from other formats. You may

  1. Enter color values one-by-one in the ConEmu Settings dialog, many formats are supported. For example, blue from Solarized scheme: 38 139 210 (dec values), #268BD2 (hex values), xD28B26 (another hex format).
  2. If you use Windows Registry as ConEmu's setting storage, you may import your schemes with *.reg file. Take care about "Count" and Palette1 if you want to store more than one scheme (change "Palette1" to "Palette2" and so on)! Example for Solarized scheme:

    "Name"="Solarized (Luke Maciak)"
  3. If you've choosed to store settings in ConEmu.xml file, you may add colors directly to your file with your fav editor. Same as for reg, take care about "Count" and Palette1. Example lines:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
     <key name="Software">
      <key name="ConEmu">
       <key name=".Vanilla">
        <key name="Colors">
         <!-- insertion point -->
         <value name="Count" type="dword" data="00000001"/>
         <key name="Palette1">
          <value name="Name" type="string" data="Solarized (Luke Maciak)"/>
          <value name="ColorTable00" type="dword" data="00423607"/>
          <value name="ColorTable01" type="dword" data="00d28b26"/>
          <value name="ColorTable02" type="dword" data="00009985"/>
          <value name="ColorTable03" type="dword" data="000089b5"/>
          <value name="ColorTable04" type="dword" data="002f32dc"/>
          <value name="ColorTable05" type="dword" data="008236d3"/>
          <value name="ColorTable06" type="dword" data="0098a12a"/>
          <value name="ColorTable07" type="dword" data="00d5e8ee"/>
          <value name="ColorTable08" type="dword" data="00362b00"/>
          <value name="ColorTable09" type="dword" data="00aaa897"/>
          <value name="ColorTable10" type="dword" data="00756e58"/>
          <value name="ColorTable11" type="dword" data="00837b65"/>
          <value name="ColorTable12" type="dword" data="00004ff2"/>
          <value name="ColorTable13" type="dword" data="00c4716c"/>
          <value name="ColorTable14" type="dword" data="00a1a193"/>
          <value name="ColorTable15" type="dword" data="00e3f6fd"/>
       <!-- and so on... -->
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Hm... welp, thanks anyway! – Achal Dave Aug 10 '13 at 22:24

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