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How do I get Outlook to save emails as an HTML file. When I try and save an email message as HTML, Outlook 2007 win7 saves email as an HTM file. The save window shows it will be saved as an HTML file and that used to happen but now when I click on save the email is saved as an HTM file, without saving the attachments.

Also... when I tried to make Outlook the default program to open HTM files my saved web page HTML files changed to HTM with an different blank outlook icon and now they open up as a message to send.

I can choose to open HTM files with Internet explorer but if it was an email that was saved as HTM I can't reply, forward or etc. and the attachments are missing

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.htm and .html are just extensions, both are for exactly the same format - HTML. It's not a matter of extension. –  gronostaj Aug 10 '13 at 21:56
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