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I recently bought a dlink dcs-930L network camera. I'm having a hard time getting the setup cd to work on my machine so I figured I could tap into the video stream and write a simple webpage to view it. Has anyone done anything like this before?


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This is not really a question about Information Security, so I'm voting to migrate it to Super User for you. In short though, there's plenty of software packages that can do this for you, some are even free, at least for a limited number of concurrent webcam streams. Product recommendation is off-topic throughout Stack Exchange though, so you'll have to find your own packages and add your selection to your question, so answerers can help you out in setting them up. Alternatively, download your software package from the manufacturer's page, if you can't read it off the CD, or isn't updated to support your OS better. – TildalWave Aug 11 '13 at 3:39
@TildalWave This question is much too vague to be answerable here, and if you acknowledge that product recommendations are off topic as well, please don't migrate this here. Also, this is more about programming and software development (writing a web app), so it would have been better suited for Stack Overflow – if it showed what research has already been done in that direction. – slhck Aug 11 '13 at 8:07