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I am traying to donwload one my blogs using Httrack. Every time I tried I got this error message:


HTTrack has detected that the current mirror is empty. If it was an update, the previous mirror has been restored. Reason: the first page(s) either could not be found, or a connection problem occured. => Ensure that the website still exist, and/or check your proxy setting! <=

I think may be is not possible to download any blog from blogger with this problem.

Does anyone know how to donwload a blog with this program? Thank you so much.

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As an alternative to buggy httrack, why not use wget?

wget -e robots=off -r --no-parent --reject "search?*" "http://${domain}"
find "$domain" -type f -exec sed -i "s/http:\/\/${domain}\///g" {} \;
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