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I have two accounts in Outlook 2013, my work Exchange account and my personal Hotmail account. I am trying to conditionally format the tasks and emails in my To-Do List based on which account they are in. Here's a sample.

Fix that bug.         Tasks       Me      Black
Request for review.         Inbox               Black
Send birthday card.      Tasks               Blue
Game patch released.      Inbox               Blue

I have attempted to create the conditional format to turn the text blue:

When Outlook Data File is (exactly)
Font colour blue

No effect.


When Outlook Data File contains
Font colour blue

No effect.

I thought it could be a format ordering issue, but the following condition does change the text colour. It colours all Hotmail items and flagged work emails, not quite what I want:

When Owner is empty
Font colour blue

Font is blue for all Hotmail tasks, and flagged work emails.

How can I conditionally format all Hotmail tasks and flagged emails?

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I finally found the answer.

The E-mail Account field can be used.

The confusing part is it's listed under All Mail Fields but not All Task Fields, even though it applies to tasks as well.

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