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I'm trying to set up my fonts on a bare bones X windows system, but my settings aren't giving me the results I expect.

I'm using Terminator as my terminal. I've set my Terminator font to "Monospace 9". My ~/.Xresources specifies a system DPI of 120 via "Xft.dpi: 120". My screen has a resolution of 1600x900.

The 9pt monospaced font evaluates to 1/8th in., since 1pt = 1/72in. As I understand it, X windows then uses the dpi setting of 120 to convert this into pixels. 120 * (1/8) = 15px, so a row of text should take up 15px of vertical height. That would mean that my terminal should show 900/15 = 60 rows of text. However, even at full screen, my terminal shows just under 50 rows of text, meaning the font is being rendered at 900/50 = 18px.

Where did my reasoning go wrong?

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I think 9pt font refers to the width of the character, not height. So you should count the number of columns, not row

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