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In Windows I can use the "Windows Key + Arrows" snap feature to quickly move windows between monitors in a multi-monitor setup. I'm looking for a way to do this same thing in Linux. I've tried Cinnamon, KDE, and XFCE and haven't had any luck figuring out how to get this functionality in any of those DEs.

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Are you specifically asking on how to get the multiple monitor piece working? Your question is a bit confusing since it mentions that as an issue, but continues on about how you can use the Maximize shortcut but Minimize is "buggy"... I am assuming so since KDE, Cinnamon/Gnome3+, and Unity all have the single monitor snap built in by default (granted, it's Ctrl+Super+Arrow) - the only limitation of those that I'm aware of is it jumping to another monitor. – nerdwaller Aug 12 '13 at 14:32
Yeah, sorry.. I'm specifically looking for the ability to move a window between monitors. – JDiPierro Aug 12 '13 at 15:05
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I use KDE and there is a keybinding for this. From the K menu, run "System Settings" (you can search for that phrase in the search field if the icon is not already showing). Then go to "Shortcuts and Gestures", then "Global Keyboard Shortcuts", choose "KWin" from list of KDE components. There is an action called "Window to Next Screen". Assign a hotkey (I use Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Right) for mine. It's strange that there isn't a hotkey for Window to Previous Screen. But, since I only have 2 monitors, it acts as a toggle between the left and right monitor. I should add that I'm using Linux Mint 13 64-bit with KDE 4.8.5.

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Even better: You can have the exact same behaviour of Windows's Win+Left/Right arrow keys in KDE: Go to the same kwin keyboard shortcuts dialog and set the "Quick Tile Window To the Left/Right" options. It works across multiple monitors and it comes in very handy for placing two applications side by side on the screen – doublehelix Jan 1 '15 at 9:04

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