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the three boxes are

  1. My laptop ( windows )
  2. A jumpbox ( linux )
  3. The server ( linux )

My web application is running in nodejs port 3000 on the server. I should access the web app in my laptop by using the below URL


What I did till now is :

From my laptop , I used putty to login to jumpbox via ssh , then I issued the below commands

ssh -L 3000:server:22 user@jumpbox

ssh -p 3000 localhost

ssh -R 3000:server:3000 user@jumpbox

Which is giving me connection timeout. What might be the problem here ? Am i doing this correct ?

basically this is what I would like to do

localhost ---> jumpbox ---> server
localhost <---- jumpbox <--- server

edit: I also cannot edit the sshd_config , GatewayPorts = yes as I do not have root permission.

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both jumpbox and server are linux ssh -p , i am trying to port forward localhost. – Tito Cheriachan Aug 13 '13 at 1:26

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