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I want to use the Bing Wallpaper for my ipod Touch 5G. I know there is no app out there that can do that. Apple has not provided anyone with API's to dynamically change wallpapers off a feed or something.

So I want to create an script - preferably on a server which will read the following XML that bing gives out for its wallpaper feed:

Here's how the file reads:

<images market="en-ww">

The XML file has a lot more info, but for now - I need to just copy the text between <urlBase> and </urlBase> and append "" before and "_768x1366.jpg" after that text.

This will create the URL for the daily wallpaper I need in the resolution I need it.

I will need this script to run once a day and either email me the URL or save that image to my dropbox/skydrive from where I can download into my ipod and use it!

Apart from this little research, I'm an absolute noob in programming. I know little Javascript and HTML!

Please tell me what I can use to get this done!

Thanks, Sam.

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Something like IFTTT might work for your needs. See for instance this recipe: RSS To Email (assuming of course that the wallpaper feed is available as an RSS feed).

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Thanks - I can use IFTTT, but I haven't found an RSS feed for this. Even if there is, I don't know what resolution the images in the feed will be! I need 768x1366 images. – Sammy B Aug 13 '13 at 2:45
Here is the feed for the desktop images (1920x1200 I think):… If you want it to be more legible in Google Chrome, you need to add view-source: to the front of the url. You can then use some other software (perhaps IFTTT?) to resize the images to your needs. I'm not sure what capabilities/server you have, but I could suggest something in a language such as bash or python, if you're up for it – darthbith Aug 13 '13 at 3:09

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