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I mainly run windows 8 now and did a complete new install on a new hard-drive. But I still need windows 7 to run a single program. So I partitioned the disk in windows 8 to give windows 7 30 gigabytes. But for whatever reason, even though the windows 7 install is only 16 gb it still takes up literally 100% of the 30 gigabytes. So I decided to give it another 10 gb. I created a new Blank partition and went to extend it but the option was grey. So i figure Its probably because its currently mounted.

So I loaded up the old hard drive and went to disk management. Went to extend and it said something like. You can extend this volume but it'll make the disk dynamic and then you cannot boot.

So I guess my question is it possible to extend the volume from 30-40 GB without making it so I cant boot?

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