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I'm assembling a 88 TB ZFS NAS with 128 GB RAM. The data that is going onto it will be write-once-only binary files, organized on average as 20+ GB files, and will thereafter be subject to multiuser (<10 over LAN) random access to retrieve multiple files. I estimate the frequent working set will be around 2 TB.

What would be recommended for my boot, ZIL and L2ARC disks? I got some ideas from Best disk requirements for a ZFS setup excluding actual shared storage, and finalized on this:

  1. boot
    • Intel 335 80 GB, 2 disks (mirrored), >0.5 times size of physical memory for swap volume, and to reduce power consumption
  2. ZIL
    • OCZ Deneva 2 R Series SLC 50 GB, for supercap, and for SLC write endurance, OR
    • Intel 320 60 GB, 2 disks (mirrored), for supercap
  3. L2ARC:
    • Samsung 840 Pro Series 512 GB, 2 disks (striped)

Is there anything absolutely wrong about this setup that I can improve on? Thanks!

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