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I've moved from OSX back to Linux and am mostly happy. One of the main things I miss is iTerm2, especially its terminal based autocompletion feature (tmux integration would also be nice).

I've looked around but couldn't find an equivalent in Linux, any pointers?

(p.s.: I know of shell based autocompletion and I know of editor/IDE autocompletion; I use both, but I also want terminal based autocompletion. That's how I roll.)

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The closest thing I've seen to iTerm2 is Final Term. However, it's currently in development with the disclaimer

Final Term is in heavy development and neither stable nor feature complete!

Some of the features it boasts are

  • Semantic text menus
  • Start command completion
  • GUI terminal controls

A list of available/planned features is available here

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Cheers. They seem to have taken terminal completion a bit too far (semantic completion by the terminal... gah!), but it is in the region of what I was looking for. – Yaniv Aknin Aug 14 '13 at 7:07

Bash-completion scripts can help with parameters.

You can install the wash shell a modification of bash with the whispering mod.

Alternatively zsh can be configured with some autocomplete (the ArchLinux liveCD has zsh by default and configured like that)

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