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I'm running Win7 on a Dell.

I have sound working to headphones on vlc but no sound when on Vimeo or YouTube. Before a system reinstall by a professional due to a virus I would be prompted to acknowledge that I had plugged in my headphones and to close speakers and all was good. Sound in Control Panel doesn't show headphones and Realtec HD Audio Manager in Control Panel doesn't open.

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I'd bet $20 that this is no virus. To be sure, can you tell us what your device manager says about your sound hardware (don't know WTF I mean? Look here: It'll be under the group 'Sound, video and game controllers'. If it doesn't tell you anything, is their a big yellow icon next to something else? – krowe Aug 14 '13 at 20:14

Check your volume control settings for Firefox and Flash. Make sure volume is not down or muted. From your notification bar, click volume control -> Mixer.

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