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I am trying to run a batch file to rar everything in a folder at password them, also I want a log to see something gone wrong.

the comamnd line is as follow

rar a -r0 -p%var% -ilog.\error.txt -xcode.txt -xrar.bat -xerror.txt -x*.rar "%CurrDirName% " -agDD-MM-YYYY 

%var% comes from a variable and its OK

The problem is -ilog switch doesn't trigger at all I also have tried

  • -ilog[C:\error.txt]

  • -ilogc:\error.txt

and others but it seems to not be working

I am running WinRAR 4.10 beta 1 and I can't update it.

Update: Ok after tests it seems that -ilog is triggered only if errors exist. In help the file says


you don't need the [], if you want the log file to be created in the folder you are running the bat file use, -ilog.\error.txt or whatever name you want

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I am thinking is winrar triggering the ilog, only if error(s) exist(s)? – Sonamor Aug 14 '13 at 22:11

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