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I have contacted LG support (to which they have never responded). The device has worked very well for us in its default state.

I have a problem with an LG Network Access Storage device. I want to flash the device to the newest firmware options, so that I can install a new UI into it. These are all official.

I have taken many photos of the device and relevant screens of information.

I will go through each in order of the steps I take:

  1. The NAS has two drives/volumes attached without raid.
  2. The firmware is currently at its original from purchase state.
  3. I select the new firmware to install.
  4. Firmware selected and Upgrade clicked.
  5. The LG appears to begin flashing (one, two, three) as indicated by the LED screen.
  6. After some time, the LED screen reverts back to its original display message. It also dims.
  7. No matter the length of time I leave it, nothing else changes. I return to the web interface and the firmware has not changed.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Can anyone suggest a reason that it would not fully flash?

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