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Upgrading from Fedora 9 with a full reinstall off the non-developers CD image, then installing various packages. man ascii doesn't work -- what do I need to install to get this to work?

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It doesn't come bundled with the default man pages, to install it:

yum install man-pages

alt text

alt text

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My Debian system has this installed at /usr/share/man/man7/ascii.7.gz (in section 7 of the manual), and was installed with the package manpages. On Debian systems, tools like apt-file and apt-cache can search uninstalled packages for particular files.

According to the Fedora Package Database (linked in tj111's answer), there is a man-pages package. Install that if you don't have it already. You might check for additional core documentation packages.

edit: John T confirms: man-pages is the package you want.

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The package ascii doesn't appear anywhere in the Fedora 11 Package Database, however asciidoc does. If that's what you're looking for, make sure you have asciidoc installed.

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