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I learned how to configure a RTSP server using vlc as follows:

# run vlc with the following command:
$ sudo vlc-wrapper --ttl 12 -vvv --color -I telnet --telnet-password videolan --rtsp-host --rtsp-port 554

without sudo, it can not open up the socket (gives permission fault). So, I dare to run it as root.

And, try to access the telnet for configuring the VoD contents

$ telnet localhost 4212
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
VLC media player 2.0.4 Twoflower
Welcome, Master
> new Test vod enabled
> setup Test input test-video.mp4

And, watch the video in browser


What I want to know is, rather than accessing telnet for configuring rtsp VoD contents, is there any way for using a config file?

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You can execute

load /your/config/file

from the telnet session. That will execute all the instructions you're manually executing.

Anyway I don't know the command to execute them directly from the vlc server start line.

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