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I am running one of our server applications on Windows 7 and I'm having trouble with the firewall. The application receives various events over TCP from a network device but the connection port varies for each new connection.

I need the Windows firewall to be turned on for obvious security but I want to be able to create a rule that allows all traffic originating from a single IP address through. I can't find an obvious way to create a rule to do that.

Any ideas?

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You can go to your firewall through the Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall. Once on that screen you will look to the left hand pane and select the Advanced Settings. After that, right click on the Inbound Rules and select New Rule... Make sure you select the Custom Rule. Now go through the wizard and on the 4th screen it will provide a screen to limit via IP address in the Scope screen. Hopefully that is what you need. Just complete the rest of the wizard out and you should be all set.

I would provide screenshots, but I don't have that privilege yet... :(

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I was sure I'd tried that before and it didn't work but I was clesarly wrong so thanks! – takesides Aug 15 '13 at 14:21

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