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I'm running MAMP on a mac computer, and can successfully access it from any mobile device (or another mac) via the local IP address, which I've verified via mac > preferences > network. I've added a virtual host for MAMP, and added this host to my etc/hosts file, as referenced in this stack overflow post:


However, I can't access the IP or the vhost from a Windows 7 PC, even though it shares the same mobile network. I've gone in to the hosts file on windows, and added the Mac's IP address there, and tied it to the vhost name I created, but no luck. Anyone know if there is some sort of additional configuration that has to happen in Windows to make this work?

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Can you explain in more detail what do you mean by "it shares the same mobile network"? What is the IP/subnet on both devices? –  pajaja Aug 15 '13 at 17:01
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