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I'm seeing some strange behavior from rsync. Here's what I did:

  • Copied a remote directory to a local backup
  • Changed a file on the remote server
  • Ran rsync again with the --dry-run option on to see if it would pick up the change

In my terminal window, the file that I changed was listed, but in the log file it wasn't. Here's my full command

rsync --archive --dry-run --checksum --ignore-times --verbose --itemize-changes --log-file=%logfile% -e 'ssh -i %privatekey%' %remoteuser%@%remoteurl%:%remotepath% %localdir%

The local machine is Windows 7 running MinGW rsync 3.0.8 and the remote machine is Linux (not sure of the distro) running rsync 3.0.6.

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